Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing your possessions if they are damaged, destroyed or stolen. It includes everything you would take with you if you moved home. Your contents insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing any of your possessions that are damaged or destroyed as a result of an insured event.

What’s covered?

Your items are covered against theft, fire and floodup to the following amounts:

Core Student Room Cover

£5,000 - Total Student Room Cover  

£6,000 - Disabled Students  

£1,250 - Single Article Limit (unless outlined separately)                        

£2,000 - Computer Equipment (eg. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets)              

£150 - Computer Accessories                                                         

£500 - Mobile Phone (forced entry only)                                           

Audio equipment, DVD & video players, computer consoles,

£1,000 - hard drives and other data  carrying media                           

£600 - Computer Games, CDs, DVDs, Videos & records                              

£1,000 - Photographic Equipment                                                     

£1,000 - Sports Equipment                                                               

£600 - Musical Instruments                                                            

£350 - Clothing (single article limit)                                                

£600 - Valuables including jewellery & watches                               

£50 - Personal Money (forced entry only)                                                

£500 - Credit/Debit Card fraud (forced entry only)                             

£500 - University Property on Loan                                                            

£250 - Library books                                                                                 

£1,250 - Rented Household Goods                                                            

£150 - Contact Lenses                                                                              

Other benefits

Theft from Halls of Residence communal area following forcible and violent entry  £1,000

Loss or damage to the student’s personal belongings from the Halls of Residence communal area  £500

Theft from any other property outside policy terms (following forcible and violent entry)  £500

Clothing damage by faulty laundry equipment  £300

Food spoilage (loss of food from fridge/freezers)   £75

Replacement locks and keys (following damage an accident  £50,000

Accidental death or permanent total disablement of parent or guardian  £5,000


Tenants Liability Cover  £5,000

Damage to Public Service Equipment (water, electricity, gas meters)  £150

Personal Liability  £1

What’s Not Covered

  •  Accidental Damage
  • Laptops and other Gadgets such as Tablets (outside the room)
  • Mobile Phones (outside the room)
  • Bicycles
  • Musical Instruments (outside the room)
  • Any other items taken outside the room
  • Any reduction in the value of the insured property following repair, reinstatement or replacement
  • Vehicles and Crafts
  • Dentures
  • Any claims arising from:--  deliberate or criminal acts by the Insured Person or their family
  • Gradual causes including deterioration or wear and tear
  • Computer viruses

 Additional Information

 Utility Bills

The rent is inclusive of all utility costs (Electric, Gas & Water).

Council Tax

All we require is an Exemption Certificate from yourselves, which you are required to obtain from Student Services at your College and pass on to ourselves within 7days of you starting college.

Internet Access

All bedrooms have an internet access point.

Internet access is included with your rental payment, and is provided by Student.com.

Please see the notice in your room for their Helpline number if you require any assistance.