Why choose a Student Digs Gloucestershire property?

We own and maintain our properties ourselves. We do not use unregistered contractors and we ensure standards of workmanship. We are the largest independent Landlord in Gloucestershire.

Who are Student Digs Gloucestershire?

We are part of a family run business, Markey Group, who have been building student accommodation for many years and working in partnership with local academic establishments (such as Hartpury College, University of Gloucestershire & Gloucestershire College) to improve the standard of facilities provided to students.

What is included in the rental price?

Our rents are inclusive of all utility costs (Water, Gas, Electric), contents insurance and standard internet access.

How is rent paid?

There are 3 ways to pay rent; Annually, termly or monthly. Acceptable payment methods are standing order, bank transfer, visa/ debit card, cheque and cash.

Annually: A one off payment must be received by 1st September.

Termly: Rent will be payable in 3 instalments - September, January and April.

Monthly: Payment is due on the first of each month by standing order (preferably), with the annual amount divided and payable in 9 instalments.

As a Parent/Guardian, is there anything that I need to do?

Yes, we need to you complete a Guarantor Form, in line with the Tenancy Agreement that your Son/ Daughter or Dependent is wishing to complete for one of our Properties. This is an agreement, whereby you will honour the due rental payments, if the signatory of the Tenancy Agreement fails to meet the required payment. We will only contact you if payment fails or there are any other concerns during the tenancy period (such as disrespectful behaviour or damage to the property).

How much is the deposit and how securely is it stored?

The deposit charge is £300.00 (£250.00 deposit and £50.00 admin fee) and is non refundable for the period of the tenancy. The deposit is held by the Deposit Protection scheme (www.depositprotection.com). At the end of the Tenancy, subject to the property being returned in a clean and tidy condition with no damages, we will request that the deposit of £250.00 is returned to you. If there are any issues, we will advise you of any due charges, in writing, before contacting the DPS to seek re-imbursement.

Chargeable Items

What is the length of the Tenancy Agreement?

Our Tenancy agreements are for a standard period of 43 weeks, but can be for 51 weeks to fit in with your academic year. Payment is required for the full term of the agreement.

What security is provided at the property?

Both Potters Place and Brunswick House properties are accessed via key fob security panels and both of these properties have CCTV operating 24 / 7. There is also intercom door access, but the tenants must let the guests in, not 'buzz' them in. This ensures only invited persons enter the property.

Whitfield House and Devon Avenue are accessed via a key fob. There is also intercom door access, but the tenants must let the guests in, not 'buzz' them in. This ensures only invited persons enter the property.

Other than tenants, only Markey employees are permitted access to the properties. Any non Markey employee, contracted to be on site, will be accompanied during their time at the property.

When access is required to a property, notice will be given, unless in the event of an emergency.

Who do I contact if there is a problem?

Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 09.00 – 16.00, outside of this all tenants are given Emergency contact numbers for Student Digs Gloucestershire staff, and an out of hours contact.